Clipboard manager for professionals

TagClipper is a mobile clipboard manager saving precious time and allowing uninterrupted research of information.

Saving the copied content, adding appropriate tags to it, adding a publication-specific citation, syncing everything to the Evernote cloud - all those operations are automatic with TagClipper.

Feel satisfaction while reading and studying. Save knowledge, not just content.

Key Features

Version 1.0.8 

• Automatically adds contextual metadata (Tags) to excerpts and notes

• Allows to assign groups of Tags to various sources of information and switch between them

• Creates citations automatically, depending on the used content source 

•  Synchronizes multiple Clips at once to cloud storage (Evernote), all metadata included 

• Provides tools allowing to organize excerpts and notes (Merge, Reverse order).

• Easy to use, with simple layout and clear navigation. 


TagClipper Screens

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Download & Enjoy!

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